Live Music Club Grimsby, Lincs
Lincs Number One Live Music Venue 
Friendly & Safe Over 18 Venue 
Original Touring Bands & Tribute Artists
Church Street (off Freeman St) Grimsby
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Venue Technical Specs

Yardbirds Rock Club- Technical Specification 2015 (Download Full PDF with diagrams of the club/stage layout HERE)

Sound Equipment:
Front of House:

2x Logic Systems 2×12+2” Bi Amp Top boxes
4x Martin Audio BL215 2×15 Subs
1x DBX Driverack 260 Controller
2x Yamaha P7000 Amps (Subs)
1x Yamaha P5500 Amp (Mids)
1x Yamaha P2500 Amp (Highs)

Monitors (4 way mix):
4x Precise 212 Wedges (12+2” Bi-amp)
1x Drum fill with 1×15” Sub and 15+2” Top Cab
2x Crown XTI 2000 AMPS (LF)
2x Crown XTI 1000 AMPS (HF)

1x Allen & Heath GL3800 32CH consoles (LCR, 8 groups, 8 auxes plus 1x stereo aux)
3x Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate
1x KT DN514 Quad Gate
2x KT DN504 Quad Comps
1x Lexicon MX200 Dual Multi FX
1x Yamaha Rev 500
1x XTA GQ600 FoH EQ
2x DBX 231 Mon EQ

4x Shure SM58
2x Shure Beta 58A
4x Shure SM57
1x AKG C1000
3x Rode NT5
1x Sennheiser e602
1x Shure Beta 91
4x Sennheiser e604
4x ART single DI’s
4x ART Dual Di’s

1x 24/8 multi system
1x 12 way sub box
1x 8 way sub box
4x 0.5m Jack-Jack
2x 5m Jack-Jack
10x 3m XLR
15x 5m XLR
10x 10m XLR
10x 13A 4way various lengths
8x Tall Boom Stands
6x Short Boom Stands

Additional mics and cabling available upon request please contact us at least 14 days prior to our show.

Lighting Rig


Back truss:
12x PAR 56 (paired into 6 circuits) with filters 119,106,104,126,139,101
1x 4 way ACL bar
2x Martin 150w scanners
4x JB Systems Orions
Front Bar:
12x PAR64 CP62 (12 circuits) with filters 119,106,104,126,139,101
4x DTS Scena 1000 1kw Fresnel with barn doors
2x 2 cell Molefay


4x HQ Power 6x10A Dimmer Packs giving 24 Dimmer Channels
1x Showtec 4 way DMX buffer
1x Dell control PC running ADJ MyDMX Software

An Avolites pearl console can be provided instead of the computer software for artists
bringing their own Lighting Technician but a minimum of 7days notice is required. Please
speak to the venue beforehand as it may incur additional costs to you as the Promoter/Band.


Stage Power: A 32Amp ring main supplies the stage with 13A outlets being provides round
the stage.

Additional Power: 1x 32A single phase outlet is located in the backstage area to the rear of
the stage. This is on the same phase as sound power. If you require other forms of power
please speak to the venue at least 14 days before your show.

Tour Bus Power: 1x 13Amp IP65 Socket is located in the yard.

Other: We have available UK/European adaptors and UK/American Transformers but please
notify is 14 days prior to your show if you require these.